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My name is Sant Arellano and this is my blog. Like a brand new house, it’s empty aside from this worn-out mattress of a first blog post, hopefully it’ll fill up with all sorts of cool, cozy things.

I’ve been working in animation for the past 5 years.  I studied character animation, but then spread out to other areas like production design, layout and story. Story and Directing are probably my biggest passions and the things I want to keep doing on the long run. I don’t want to keep talking about me on the very  first post, but I will tell you the purpose behind this blog.

Aside from sharing my own work and posting cool things I find, what I would like to do the most is discuss films from a visual-narrative and story structure standpoint. Years ago, a ton of story artists had blogs (some still do), and the ones I liked the most were the ones that took a scene from a movie and broke it down to it’s most basic components. They detailed how the visuals changed according to the way characters were changing in the scene, how the scene evolved and progressed. I was blown away. Even if it’s stuff that you react to unconsciously, we can learn to see it in a tangible way.
Last year, I give a  class on basic storyboarding, and every week I assign a film for the students to watch and we would talk about it in the next class. I would break down the scenes and we would discuss them. I learned a ton doing that, and I managed to interest them in how stories work even if that meant waking up early on Saturdays to come hear me geek out about Election and Yojimbo (maybe we will start with those) and make them repeat their boards (“I mean, c’mon kids, none of these panels have backgrounds!”)

I stressed that the purpose of  studying a film like that was to get the mind working on how the filmmakers are telling a story, to understand how film language is used. That knowledge is not 100% applicable to your own stories since all the things they are doing apply to the particular story they are telling. But getting used to the thought process is what matters. The idea is that every single shot and scene and moment is a conscious decision while remembering that character is the most important thing.

So I thought it would be cool if I shared all this stuff with you guys! (these being neither right or wrong, just personal)

Having a blog and being committed to my eventual audience (share with your friends, please) will allow me to learn more about story and expand my knowledge, we can even have a community someday filled with arti– ok, let’s not run out of steam just yet…

Anyway… let’s do this


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