Commercial Work

Portfolio of advertising work I made at Cluster Studio, in which I served as Animation Supervisor, Lead Animator, Animatic and Storyboard Artist, and Designer.

Character and Product Animation Reel

Compilation of my work as character and product animator.

Guardadito de Banco Azteca

Commercial in which I served as animation supervisor,lead animator and character designer.

Animation thumbnails I did with the director to work out the acting choices of the titular character.


Holcim Internal Video

In which I served as storyboard artist, lead animator and animation supervisor

Consomate de Nestle

In which I served as storyboard artist, animation supervisor and lead animator.

Nissan Juke

In which I served as proyect lead, storyboard artist, animation supervisor, vfx artist, and layout designer for the sequence that resembles Japanese animation in the style of Akira.

The anime sequence starts at 0:19

Rocketboy Shortfilm

Color script for an internal proyect


 Corn Pops

Pitch we made for a Kellog’s commercial



Color scripts I did for a live-action commercial for Jumex




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