“Each scene in a film should be a mini-film” Analyzing a scene from “Die Hard”

In the past, I read the sentence above multiple times without really thinking about what it meant. This is a basic concept in film, but it’s easy to acknowledge it without really understanding it. So to help clarify it, I’m going to break down a small scene in Die Hard and attempt to put this sentence in perspective. Many times we watch films and critizice them for having pointless scenes or scenes that do not mean anything in the larger … Continue reading

Animals in “Children of Men”

Children of Men is another favorite film of mine. It seems that every time I see it, I discover something new, and that’s because Alfonso Cuaron and his team took the time and effort to create an actual living world (lived-in is actually more appropriate) for the story to take place. And in this article I’m going to try and explain how Cuaron uses animals for multiple story purposes throughout this film. Spoilers ahead… The thing is, I believe this … Continue reading

“Groundhog’s Day” Structure and Phil Connors’ Character Arc

  It’s Groundhog’s Day folks! Groundhog’s Day is one of my favorite films, it’s one of those comedies that are way more than the sum of their parts, not that there’s anything wrong with comedies that aren’t… but some people tend to come out feeling, if not better, more purposeful after watching Groundhog’s Day. That is the power of that film. We could talk about it’s philosophy, or it’s message, but I’d rather talk about it’s structure and see how … Continue reading

This Blog

This happy blog… Hey, welcome! My name is Sant Arellano and this is my blog. Like a brand new house, it’s empty aside from this worn-out mattress of a first blog post, hopefully it’ll fill up with all sorts of cool, cozy things. I’ve been working in animation for the past 5 years.  I studied character animation, but then spread out to other areas like production design, layout and story. Story and Directing are probably my biggest passions and the … Continue reading